The SeaSmart™ range provides consumers with a wide variety of premium quality seafood including prawns, scallops and squid, sourced locally and all around the globe. SeaSmart™ products are frozen immediately after harvest to maintain maximum freshness, while our state of the art facility and purpose built fleet of vehicles adhering to the highest level of food grade standards, gives customers full confidence that they are receiving products at their best


Famous domestic brand, consist of breeding, fishing and processing. Original ecology and pollution-free environment, high-tech deep-sea breeding base. Absolute quality assurance for consumers. Protect the marine environment and the direction of sustainable development of seafood.

Taiwan Rice

Golden Rice upholds the original intention of farmers and insists on providing customers with the most natural, safe and highest quality rice products. Our dry storage operations, development of production and sales history of high-quality rice, etc. We hope that the delicious rice produced by Golden Rice can become the gold of rice in the hearts of customers.

Arawana Oil

Yihai Kerry is a subsidiary of Wilmar incorporated in Mainland China, through which Mr Robert Kuok, a well-known patriotic overseas Chinese, and his nephew Mr Kuok Khoon Hong make business investments in Mainland China. Yihai Kerry Arawana Holdings Co., Ltd. is a core entity of Yihai Kerry. Famous brands under Yihai Kerry include “Arawana”, “Olivoila”, “Orchid”, “Wonder Farm”, “Neptune”, “Fengyuan”, “Golden Delicious”, “Reyland”, “Jiejin 100”, etc. Its products cover fields like small package edible oil, rice, flour, fine dried noodles, rice noodles, soymilk, special grains and oils for the catering industry, food raw and supplementary materials, and oleochemicals. The Group has also established a distribution network with wide outlets, point and sphere integration, and unimpeded channels in the country, to serve the consumers comprehensively.