Who we are

United Food Express, a sub-division of Standard Holdings Australia, is a wholesaler and distributor founded in West Melbourne, Victoria and has been growing in succession at a rapid rate. We mainly import frozen seafood for wholesaling and distribution in the local market. With strong and reliable relationships with other corporations and having our own factories and branches located in China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Vietnam, we are able to stay strong and excel in the industry by providing quality controlled products at competitive prices to customers with excellent services. With a commitment to quality and value, rest assured we are at the forefront to provide for your needs in this ever so demanding market.

What we do​

United Food Express currently supplies to all segments of the hospitality and foodservice sectors in Victoria as well as freighting interstate to Queensland and Tasmania. United Food Express has firmly established itself as a leading provider of frozen seafood and is favored by many of Victoria’s elite eateries. Produce is sourced from wholesale markets through ports and fishermen, aquaculture farms and credible suppliers internationally and locally.

HACCP Approved

The desire for success is the driving force behind sourcing top quality produce from accredited suppliers. As a business we are HACCP approved and only trade with other suppliers that share our belief in quality control by adhering to the strict guidelines of HACCP as well. At United Food Express, we are a leading business that offers our customer a peace of mind promise that all food safety requirements are adhered to and set standards for others to follow. The commitment to food safety is an integral part of our business strategy in order to place us at the forefront to provide for your needs in this demanding market.

Our Mission

As a leading seafood supplier, United Food Express proudly supports sustainable seafood sourced from fisheries that support sustainable practices. While we are aware of maintaining the needs of the seafood market, we also work closely with fisheries to maintain marine populations within their ecosystems to guarantee our needs are meet while still caring for Mother Nature. With our contribution to sustainable seafood, it places us at the forefront to provide for your needs in this demanding market.